Monday, June 28, 2010


By the way, I think it is VERY important to share with you our need to save the "Disney magic". There are a lot of things I would love to tell you about my experience here at Disney, but only part of my work is appropriate to share. I cannot in any way reveal or jeopardize priviledged Disney information (or I will be TERMINATED!)

So, as a precaution, please help me out. If you send me an email, message, comment, or post and I don't respond, or I delete it, it is NOT because I don't love you! (Trust me, being so far away from home, I LOVE getting all the comments and messages I can!) It is only to save my skin and to protect the magic I grew up with and now have learned to appreciate so much more.

Thanks for helping me save the magic (and my job!). Trust me, I will tell you all you need to know about my fun in the sun here in Orlando! :) It really is exciting!!

Pictures to come soon! It just takes longer to upload them here than on facebook...


Hey! Okay, so I know, I know, it's been WAY too long since my update! So much has happened-- here we go!

Week one: Move in and training.
I am in an 8-person apartment at the Chatham Square complex. There are 4 CP (College Program) complexes: Chatham, Patterson, The Commons (for international students), and Vista Way (rated #2 in the nation next to Playboy for you can guess what... SICK!) Anyway, I'm glad I got Chatham! If you or anyone you know decides to do the CP, request Chatham or Patterson! The apartments here are beautiful and our apt is in a coldisack area sort-of that is rather quiet. (Except the early-morning MOWERS!) My roomies are great! We all get along great so far, and we try to hang out when we can. It's getting harder now to do that since we all work different shifts and at different locations! Six of us work at Magic Kingdom, one at Animal Kingdom, and one at Hollywood Studios, and we all have totally different experiences to share each day. I love it!

Today I'm doing some much needed laundry. The washers/dryers here are exactly like the ones at OC, so I'm glad I knew how to operate them already. I need to go on a grocery run! There is a Publix within walking distance that most CP students go to if they didn't bring a car, but I like to drive to Walmart. The bus will also take you to Walmart, but the trip could total 2 hrs. No go for me!

Now for the fun stuff: TRAINING!

Disney training is fun although much of the information is your boring safety and standard business talk. Disney Traditions is a 4-hour (one-time) class that all CP students must take before even beginning work. That's where I got my nametag from Mickey! After Traditions, each CP student receives a work schedule and then goes for further specified training within one or several parks. My training mostly took place at EPCOT. All Disney employees are called "cast members", and we can access almost all needed information on a website called "The Hub".

My training lasted 5 days, and almost each day my group of 11 worked with a different pair of trainers. I had a really fun group! Now that I go to work by myself, I'm missing them all! It's not the same showing up each day to get dressed and warm up alone! I am making new friends, though, and I have six more months to meet more people!

If I want to perform in upcoming Halloween and Christmas parades and shows I have to put in a preference request and then, if selected, complete more training. (So I don't actually have a say in what I am/am not selected for, just what I would prefer.) I am considering these options, but right now I have a lot on my plate already! ....But I just keep imagining dressing up fancy for the Christmas parade walking along Main Street--right behind Regis and Kelly!!! So I'll probably try for it...

Sunday is 4th of July! I haven't seen my schedule yet, so I don't know if I'm working or not. I've been hearing great things about the Disney 4th of July fireworks show, so I hope that can work into my evening plans!

Hmm... well tonight I am going to party like a madwoman at the Tomorrowland Dance Party. I was there Saturday night and got a good workout. I must be crazy to go back THREE times this week! Haha, but it's fun. The dance party is a summer thing at a big stage next to Space Mountain where Goofy, Pluto, Stitch, Chip, and Dale take turns dancing along with guests to all kinds of crazy songs. I did not know the Miley Cyrus Ho-Down Throw-Down. Nor did I know the Miley Cyrus Ice Cream dance?? Don't know. But by the end of the week I will probably be dancing it in my sleep. That's unfortunate. On the plus side, I've been sweating so much lately that my sweat seriously does not smell anymore...

For the record, I have also watched the Little Mermaid twice in the past week and consider myself quite the expert now. That's a great movie.

I suppose now I need to go make some early dinner and other general housekeeping things! Until next time, ciao!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Bah! I can't believe it's already been three full days here in my apartment at Chatham Square! Things have been rushing by so quickly, but mostly it's been REALLY busy with excitement!

I am living in a four bedroom, 2 1/2 bath apartment with 7 other girls--awesome! We stay up late at night and talk and hang out every chance we get. Love it! Our apartment is pretty big and really bright; the long windows and Florida sunshine make me happy.

Here's some pics of our apt (pre move-in/decorating):

So, move-in day was fun. There are college students here from all over the United States and all over the world. There are actually a lot of international students, and most work at EPCOT. I met two funny girls from South Africa on the bus the other day who tried to teach me the real meaning of a "truck".

The college program and cast member bus system here is pretty good. It does take a while, but only because of all the stops. I'm still trying to figure out my fine print bus schedule... one day I'll get the 24 hour time schedule down. Maybe for now I'll drive to work just in case...

Today I got my NAME TAG! Yes, it's official: I work at Disney. Check it.

And um, I know this is way short, but I'm completely pooped and have to get ready for bed. I promise there is MUCH more to come!